About us

Welcome to our journey in financial and technology innovation! Here at Singular, we embrace the vision of redefining the Brazilian financial landscape through intelligent and agile solutions.

Our solutions bring with them a vast knowledge of the financial market, with specialization in new technologies and a deep understanding of the regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil. This unique expertise allows us to confidently and deftly navigate the complex world of modern finance.

We are excited to offer a comprehensive range of financial technology consulting services, ranging from legal and compliance to API integration of technologies and payment methods. Each solution we develop is custom-built to meet our customers' specific needs, providing a significant competitive advantage.

At Singular, innovation is our motto, and the relentless pursuit of improvement is what drives us. We believe that each challenge is an opportunity to overcome limits and reach new levels of excellence. We are committed to providing exceptional service, employing the latest trends in financial technology to drive our clients' growth.

Together, as partners, we will conquer the future of finance. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more accessible, secure and efficient financial world. Welcome to Singular - where expertise meets innovation, and the future of finance begins to take shape.

Our Principles

Customized financial technology solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Goal Oriented Approach

Commitment to Disruption

Customized Solutions

Committed to market disruption. Our mission is to bring innovation and transformative solutions, breaking barriers and boosting the future of your business.

Focused on helping you achieve your fintech goals and drive business success.

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